Images of Yoga Symbols Tattooed on Women’s Bodies

Last updated on Jun 2022

What do these images mean? Why would someone want to tattoo them onto their body?

The practice of tattooing has existed since ancient times. Today, tattoos are often seen as a sign of rebellion or self-expression. Some women even choose to get symbols of yoga on their bodies because they believe it helps them achieve inner peace.

Yoga symbol tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among women who want to express themselves through art. These symbols represent various aspects of yoga such as balance, harmony, strength, and tranquility. They also serve as reminders of the importance of practicing yoga regularly.

tattooed on women's body
Tattooing is a form of body modification that involves permanently marking the skin with ink. 

Tattoos are often done using needles, but other techniques exist. Some people get tattoos because they like the idea of creating something permanent on their bodies. 
Others get them because they feel a connection to a particular culture or religion. Still, others get them because they want to express themselves through their body.

Tattoo art is one of the most popular and unique forms of body art. It has been used as a form of personal expression since the dawn of civilization.

These four powerful tattoo symbols mean different things when they're combined together

Buddha Tattoo Hamsa Tattoo Mandala Tattoo Lotus Tattoo

tattoos matching

Buddha Tattoo

A Buddha tattoo can show devotion to a particular aspect of Buddhism, or an admiration of the meditative mind and what Buddha represents. Whether you’re a practicing Buddhist, or simply resonate with what Buddha represents, Buddha tattoos offer a variety of meaningful options.

Hamsa Tattoo

tattoos matching

The HAMSA is a symbol of protection that is found in many cultures and traditions. It is often combined with the “evil eye” to counteract danger or bad energies. As a whole, the Hamsa is believed to be a protective symbol that can be worn as a necklace or hung in the house. It is also commonly used as a talisman against the evil eye.

The HAMSA is a hand-shaped symbol, traditionally with a central image of an eye. The Hamsa is believed to protect against evil and negativity, and bring good luck. The eye represents the Divine, always watching over you, and bringing you good luck!

Mandala Tattoo

A mandala is a traditional Buddhist symbol that represents harmony. It is usually depicted as a circle that is meant to represent the universe. Mandala tattoos are detailed and symmetrical, making them great subjects for spiritual tattoos.

A mandala is a circular design that symbolizes the unity of all things. It is often used as a meditation tool. A mandala can also represent the cycle of life. When you focus on the center of the circle, it brings more concentration.

A mandala is a beautiful geometric pattern that represents the metaphysics of the universe. It is often used as an object of meditation. It is made up of many intricate parts and details and becomes whole when viewed as a symbol of oneness and perfection.

Lotus Tattoo

The lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. It represents our ability not just to overcome suffering, but also to transcend it. The lotus flower opens to face the sun, revealing the divine within. Its roots are in the mud, representing our connection to the earth. The petals represent our heart, opening to reveal the divine within.

The lotuses are a symbol of purity and divinity. They grow in muddy waters, hence they represent the enlightened soul, who is calm amidst the chaos of life. The buds of lotuses symbolize potential - they are the buds from which spiritual awareness grows, and the lotus represents the potential of all living beings.

tattoos matching

4 Powerful Tattoo Symbols With Meanings Related To Yoga

Buddha Tattoo Hamsa Tattoo Mandala Tattoo Lotus Tattoo

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