How to raise HDL cholesterol levels and prevent heart risks

Raise HDL cholesterol levels and prevent heart risks

Our liver naturally raises cholesterol and this cholesterol then wanders through the whole body with the help of protein. There are 2 each type of cholesterols, bad as well as good. Good cholesterol is called HDL and bad cholesterol is LDL and VLDL, this bad cholesterol situates itself in the blood vessels and this causes heart attacks as well as strokes.

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So much cholesterol can be really dangerous. So every human is certainly very very sincere about the overweight which we are consuming. 

There are 3 types of obesities: 

  1. Saturated Fat 
  2. Unsaturated fatty 
  3. Trans overweight 

Trans overweight, these saturated obesities occur within fleshes and dairy produces, they teach the liver to produce more bad cholesterol. Unsaturated solids, a person are able to obtain from floras, nuts, grains, and vegetable oils.

This unsaturated fat is helpful in breaking off bad cholesterol. Next, trans fatten, these trans fats you will get from deep-fried meat from baked nutrient, from packaged food, open the packet and snack, open the packet and boozing, all these readymade produces, they are really damaging for our person, so to reduce the cholesterol, you will need to know specific Do and Don'ts

Actually, cholesterol increases because of 2 things, shortage of effort and stress

Here are a few tips.

Tip #1, maintain a health load 

If you are overweight merely losing 5 to 10 percent of value will increase your HDL cholesterol grades automatically, for example, if "you're ever" 80 kgs, spurning 4 to 8 kgs will increase your HDL cholesterol level.

And how to be recognized that if you are an ordinary weight or you are an overweight very simply you can check it out on BMI calculator I'll link it in the description box you just have to fill in your height and your load and the calculator will do the residue for you telling you that if your own weight or in the normal bracket. 

Tip # 2, cut off trans fattens from your diet 

Trans fattens are often found in processed foods. They are also found in junk food, Bakery products, frozen pizzas, french fries, or any deep-fried product, etc, and what they do, is they make is the HDL cholesterol, the good one, and increase bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol. 

What is the use of contributing this trans back? Actually trans-fatty adds to the flavor of the packaged produce,  not only flavor it increases the rack living, so whenever you are buying a boxed food product, my admonition to you is always to check the label for the presence of trans fat or partially hydrogenated fats, it is one and the same thing.

  • The first bypass trans fats, evaded all packaged meat, fried menu, pizzas pastries, etc, no doubt they are tasty, but as far as possible we should avoid, if you are eating, dine very little not more in any case.
  • Secondly, down saturated overweight, but within a limit. Consuming butter, cheese, ghee, palm oil, coconut oil, these things should not be taken more than 1 teaspoon full a day.
  • Third, a person must deplete good fats. Certain lubricants like olive oil, groundnut petroleum are required in our mas, similarly, nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts should be taken and a fruit-like avocado should be consumed. All these are good fattens and good fatties are needed in our body.

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Tip #3, is three quits 

Quit booze quit smoking, cease anabolic steroids or testosterone if you are taking. All will increase your bad cholesterol and weaken your good cholesterol.

Quitting smoking is clearly associated with an increase in HDLC concentrations

Tip# 4, at least 30 minutes on training exercises

30 minutes of a walk-in absolutely natural adjacent will do. Exercise helps in reducing triglycerides and helps in increasing good cholesterol that is HDL in our body. 

Tip # 5, add two portions of fruit, three a fraction of vegetable, and one component of nuts to your food  

What they will do? The soluble fiber in fresh fruit and veggies increases your good cholesterol. In the case of vegetable broccoli, sugared potato, heartbeats, peas, nuts are good choices.  Nuts are very essential for us but they are very high in calories so simply exhaust 30 to 35 grams of nuts per period. Always select unroasted, unsalted mixtures with intact skin, that will be best beneficial for you. 

One portion of result or vegetable is a matter of   80 grams of return or vegetable or you can say a stack full of result or vegetable that can come in the palm of your hand that is one portion. In fruits apple, pear, avocado - are great choices.

Tip # 6  Check your Triglyceride to HDL ratio

The triglyceride to HDL ratio was a really good indicator of your heart. Disease risk, you can find this ratio by dividing your triglycerides by your HDL.
Go to the calculator and they have a tool to convert your numbers and find your ratio.
  • A ratio under 2.0 signifies: You have a low heart disease risk. 
  • A ratio of 2 to 3 indicates some risk and anything 
  • Over 3 is high risk. 
This is also a really good indicator of how insulin sensitive or insulin resistant.