Eating sardines regularly helps prevent type 2 diabetes

Eating Sardines once a week can slash your Diabetes Risk

People who report regularly eating oily fish had a significantly reduced risk for developing type 2 diabetes in a prospective, observational study of nearly 400,000 UK residents.

The results also show a significant, but weaker, positive link between regular use of fish oil supplements and a drop in the incidence of type 2 diabetes, say Qibin Qi, PhD, and colleagues in a report published in Diabetes Care. Their analysis failed to show a significant link between consumption of non-oily fish and type 2 diabetes onset.

The study is notable for being "the largest so far" to examine the link between fish consumption and type 2 diabetes incidence, and the first to establish a clear, significant association between regularly eating oily fish and a drop in the incidence of diabetes, said Qi, an epidemiologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

sardines and diabetes type 2

Older people with prediabetes who followed a diet rich in sardines for 1 year show significant reductions in risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Sardines and diabetes 

The health benefits of sardines and oily fish are widely known: their high levels of unsaturated fats help to regulate cholesterol levels and prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. However, the benefits don't end there.

A study led by Diana Diaz Rizzolo, lecturer, and researcher of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s (UOC) Faculty of Health Sciences and the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS), has discovered that the regular consumption of sardines helps to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. 
sardines prevent diabetes type 2
Nutrients found in high quantities in sardines - such as taurine, omega 3, calcium, and vitamin D - help to protect against this disease which, according to CIBERDEM's Di@betes study, affects around 14% of the Spanish population over the age of 18.

“Not only are sardines reasonably priced and easy to find, but they are safe and help to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. This is a huge scientific discovery. It is easy to recommend this food during medical check-ups, and it is widely accepted by the population”, explained Diana D. Rizzolo.
The fact that foods such as sardines - which are rich in taurine, omega 3, calcium, and vitamin D - have a clear protective effect against the onset of diabetes does not mean that taking these supplements in isolation will have the same effect. 
"Nutrients can play an essential role in the prevention and treatment of many different pathologies, but their effect is usually caused by the synergy that exists between them and the food that they are contained in. 
Sardines will therefore have a protective element because they are rich in the aforementioned nutrients, whereas nutrients taken in isolation in the form of supplements won’t work to the same extent”, claimed Rizzolo.

The FDA recommends including two to three serves of fish (with the skin on) in your diet each week (150 grams per serve), as well as one gram of plant-sourced omega-3 fats each day.
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