Questions to ask your boyfriend, seduce him with strong words

You can seduce a man with your words, body language, eyes, and more

seduce a man with strong words

This simple handbook strays away from what most people think talking dirty is; it shows women, even very shy and religious women how to talk dirty to their men in order to improve their intimacy. Instead of using those vulgar two-word phrases, Felicity uses simple and clean sentences that will send chills down your man’s spine and make him desire you more.
language - seduce a man with strong words

Language of Desire will teach you how to:

  • Get your man’s attention and affection back from porn and side chicks.
  • Get your man to tell you all his fantasies and fulfill all your fantasies without even asking.
  • Improve your sex life from boring to fun and regular.
  • Shift you from the woman he loves to the woman he desires all day long.
  • Get your man to want to give you more and more love, protection, and care. 

the language of desire
The Language of Desire explains that one must use their sexy feminine voice when talking dirty to the man because this will arouse his imagination and desire more.

The words used make the man feel like the king and as long as you are the one who makes him feel that way, he will desire you more.

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