Is An Epilator Better Than Shaving, Its Truth Or Not?

Last updated: Jun 27, 2022

Experience long-lasting results with An Epilator Better Than Shaving

Hair removal may be a personal dilemma for several people. Everyone has unwanted hair somewhere and wonders what’re the simplest thanks to getting obviate it. Epilator? Electric shaver? Electrolysis? Waxing? 

epilator better than shaving


People with unwanted hair have sought miracle hair removal techniques since ancient times. The appearance of Epilady epilators in 1996 ended the hair removal controversy forever. Epilady introduced the first consumer electric hair remover and changed forever the hair removal field. Epilady has distributed some 30 million products try to imagine all that hair!

Epilady products include dual-head epilators that offer easy switch functions. Their wide epilating head shaves any angle of the skin. The dual-sided shaving heads are especially helpful when shaving delicate areas. Epilady epilators have comfortable non-slip epilation at two operating speeds and are versatile products.

Here are various hair removal techniques

Electrolysis – Hair Removal

The electrolysis hair removal process has been around for over 100 years. As a hair removal process, electrolysis is effective, but features a few drawbacks… it’s costly, may cause you pain, damage your damage, and grows back before you recognize it. In short, electrolysis is yesterday’s news in hair removal. within the internet age, women prefer an epilator in their purse for a fast shave to a three-hour appointment for electrolysis.

Shaving – Hair Removal

Shaving is cool, everybody knows that it’s sexy and does an honest job of hair removal. It’s long-lasting you'll buy designer shavers and roll in the hay reception. How long does this hair removal technique last? Longer than some relations, that’s needless to say. As a hair remover, shaving is far less painful than Electrolysis, sorry to disappoint masochists among you. Apart from a couple of cuts and skin irritation, shaving is ok but lacks pizzazz.

Waxing – Hair Removal

Waxing for hair removal is an ancient practice and healing art. It takes a highly skilled professional for the waxing hair removal session to be a hit. The treatment involves applying hot wax on your skin and pulling it off quickly. Ouch! A strip of paper or cloth is pressed against your skin and quickly pulled away taking hairs with it. Waxing has other drawbacks like uneven hair removal and therefore the overtime involved. Try it a minimum of once, then return to your epilator

epilator better than shaving, how

Epilators – Hair Removal

Epilators are popular hair removal products for soft skin and smooth legs today. they're compact in size, easy to use, and take away hair by the basis almost with little pain. Compared to electrolysis and waxing, epilators are a breeze. In minutes, a lady may have smooth skin that lasts for weeks because the epilator slows hair growth. Compared to epilators, other hair removal techniques are jilted lovers. 

What are some benefits of epilators?

Employing an epilator can leave you hairless for as many as 30 weeks. Since the hair has been pulled completely from the origin and it takes weeks for this to grow back again. This means less time eliminating unwanted hair on your face and the human body.

As with any beauty or personal care apparatus, epilators are getting to have both advantages and disadvantages and also you want to appear at what is important to you when selecting an epilator.

Some Great Things about epilators

Does hair take several weeks to come back, however, the longer you make use of your epilator that the more you'll observe that hair grows back much nicer as well? That means that the hair that does grow back is going to soon be a whole lot less noticeable as well therefore that you may realize that one can proceed more than 30 weeks between epilations as soon as you have now been making use of your epilator for a while.

There are many advantages to epilating. I will also cover some of the disadvantages which often turn people away from epilating so you can weigh out the pros and cons and see whether it’s an ideal option for you.


  • chance to permanently get rid of unwanted hair because the more you use it, the finer the hairs become and eventually the follicle becomes damaged and hair will not grow back at all.
  • easy and comfortable to use.
  • can easily travel it;
  • it’s compact and extremely handy.
  • it takes only 10-15 minutes to clear up excess hairs;
  • long-term use and economic;
  • it’s a reliable device for controlling unwanted hair growth for a long time, the lifetime of these appliances ranges from 5 to 10 years
  • models are equipped with a battery and can be used anywhere.


  • it’s painful;
  • ingrown hairs;
  • irritation in sensitive areas
  • contradictions for women with varicose veins;
  • minor bruising may occur if capillaries are too thin and close to the skin; and
  • it is not recommended to use in the case of scratches, skin damage, and moles.

Is epilator better than shaving?

Have you ever waxed for hair removal? An epilator’s results are similar. The hair is pulled out resulting in a longer-lasting result. As the hairs grow back you may experience itching and ingrown hairs. Or at least I did after both waxing and epilator. I understand there are creams/lotions and procedures you can do to reduce ingrown hairs. I found using an epilator painful even after trying several models. Waxing stung more than hurt.

Shaving has to be done every day or two in order to have that smooth feeling. And the hairs grow back feeling sharp due to the cut edge.

Can you epilate facial hair?

You can use an epilator on your face, but as the skin on the face is incredibly sensitive it may cause irritation. Not to mention the pain is quite intense. But, if you take all the right steps and remember to pull the skin taut, you can as well achieve a smooth hairless finish on your face.

Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator for Hair Removal Shaver Trimmer

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Philips epilator

Philips epilator

Epilator for Philips HP6574/50 Satin Perfect Cordless Hypo Allergy 

SatinPerfect epilator's extra-wide head and textured ceramic tweezers remove more hair in one stroke, giving you the ultimate epilation experience!
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Braun epilator

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