Energetic Face Yoga Techniques And Exercises

Last updated on October 3, 2022

Face yoga is a great way to rejuvenate a tired, tired face

Face Yoga is a form of facial exercise that aims to strengthen the muscles of your face. You can use Face Yoga to reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow to your face, and even prevent skin cancer. Face Yoga involves stretching the muscles of your face, and you can do it anywhere. 

You can practice Face Yoga whenever you feel tired, stressed, or anxious. Face Yoga is easy to learn, and it takes less than ten minutes to complete. 

Here are some tips for practicing Face Yoga: 

  • Start by sitting comfortably in a chair. 
  • Close your eyes, relax your jaw, and breathe slowly through your nose. 
  • Then, stretch your forehead upward toward the ceiling. 
  • Hold this pose for 20 seconds, and release. 
  • Repeat this sequence three times. 
  • Next, place both hands behind your ears, and pull your eyebrows downward. 
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds, and release. Do this sequence three times. 
  • Finally, hold your chin down, and look straight ahead. Stretch your lips outward, and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Release, and repeat three times. 
  • When you're ready, open your eyes, and smile. You may want to keep track of how many repetitions you've completed. 

Face Yoga Before And After

Doing Face Yoga regularly can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. It can also help to prevent skin cancer. It is important to remember that Face Yoga is designed to strengthen your facial muscles, not to damage them. 

If you notice any pain or discomfort after completing Face Yoga, stop immediately.

Aging - Skin

Exercising your body keeps it healthy and youthful, but what about your face?

Facial exercise benefits all parts of the face and neck. First of all, the facial muscles are not only attached to the bone, as is the case for the rest of the body, but rather one end of the facial muscle is attached to the bone and the other end is either attached to another muscle or directly into the skin. 

This allows us to show facial expressions. As the muscle contracts, it tones and “lifts” the face, taking the skin with it. You also build muscle fiber and enlarge the muscles, giving the full, firm look of youth! 

This means once you start to do facial exercises, you can see obvious improvement after only two weeks. Within six to nine months you’re looking five to ten years younger than you were before starting to exercise! It’s so much fun to have natural skin care and facial rejuvenation program that eliminates the need for Botox®, fillers, or any of the other invasive forms of cosmetic surgery. CFF™ is a non-surgical facelift program that’s completely natural.

Age Well

With facial exercises, you also “age well”. That is, you look more graceful and elegant as you age as opposed to how the more invasive procedures to looking younger seem to give that frozen “done” look to your appearance. You actually keep your facial expression with facial exercises and this can actually add even more beauty to your face as you age.

Preventive and Corrective

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ program is also preventive. You can actually get rid of wrinkles after they develop or keep them from ever developing if you start doing facial exercises at a younger age. In fact, it’s never too early or too late to start exercising the neck and facial muscles! Even if you have had plastic surgery, you can keep what you attained from the last operation through exercising from now on. With CFF™ you can get rid of deep wrinkles, and fine lines, a double chin, dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes, sagging and papery skin, and more! You can turn back the hands of time with the benefit of facial exercise!

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