5 Great Benefits of Building Block toys for toddlers

Last updated on Jun 2022

Building Block toys make great excitement for toddlers

Playtime is not just playing. It is a highly effective method of experiential learning. Building blocks are good examples of toy that teaches kids about the essential skills in life even before they go to school.

building blocks for kids

There are many toys on the market today that can promote various skills for children. These are good investments, as kids will be able to grow while they are having fun. Kids' building blocks are among the more traditional toys that children enjoy playing with while also supporting their abilities. In a world where video games and computers rule, it is nice to still provide your children with basic toys that they can use to foster many different skill sets.

The peak age for children to be interested in block play is the preschool and early elementary years. But children will play with building blocks from toddlerhood until into their teens. And it doesn't stop there. Give a set of wooden blocks to a group of teenagers or even adults and it's likely that they will begin to play

Basic conceptsSince there are many different blocks in various shapes and sizes, the kids can build a variety of structures. They may choose to create a castle, store, or house. Some block sets also come with wheels so that those using them to create cars. This would allow the children to put together an entire town made solely from blocks.

There are several reasons why kids are drawn to building blocks, here are some of the skills that are enhanced by playing with building blocks:

  • Block play develops cognitive skills
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  • Creating with building blocks develops fine-motor skills
shape sorter
Fine wooden shape sorter box with twisting lock door and screw detachable rotating wheel sorter. 10 pieces of wooden blocks in 5 shapes and colors.
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  • Hand-eye coordination:
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  • Playing with blocks improves social skills

5 Great Benefits of Building

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Benefits of building blocks in early childhood

Building with blocks provides one of the most valuable learning experiences available for young children. Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, social-emotional, and language.

Building Blocks for Toddlers

At 6 Months: Babies love gnawing on blocks, but they may also swat at or even hold one. 
At 12 Months: Babies discovers he can make noise by banging two blocks together

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