Skinnytabs: A Careful Critical Review - Things You Need to Know

What Are Skinnytabs? 

They are detox tablets made from a blend of superfoods and vitamins. They are designed to help give your metabolism a boost, reduce your cravings, and flatten your tummy.

Each tab contains 15 different superfoods, in fact, it appears that they are now calling these superfood tabs, steering clear of using the word skinny (a smart move in my opinion).

Skinnytabs are like herbal Alka-Seltzer tablets sold as a “detox” product that will, according to the company, help you “lose weight, flush toxins, and burn fat.” 

Burdock root

Burdock root has been used as food and medicine for centuries in various ways, including as a diuretic aid for digestion. It comes from the plant burdock (Arctium lappa) that is related to daisies and sunflowers. It’s native to North Asia and Europe but is grown in other parts of the world, including North America.

Burdock root exerts a diuretic effect on the body which could promote weight loss (not fat loss).


Pomegranate contains phytonutrients that may exert an antioxidant effect in the body and help combat atherosclerosis and cancer, but it’s not known if these effects are conferred when consumed in liquid form.

Pomegranates are round, red fruits. They may be best known for the vibrantly colored juice they’re often used in, but these unique fruits have a lot more to offer.

Ginger root

Despite Skinnytabs claims that they do not use any laxatives, ginger may exert a laxative effect on your body by stimulating the bowels. It may be also useful for upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea, as well as promote fluid loss due to its diuretic properties.

Ginger might also stimulate appetite which may counter other ingredients in the teas that decrease appetite.

Dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves may exert a diuretic (makes you pee) and laxative effect to increase bowel movements. It may also increase appetite. 

Dandelion has been used in many forms of traditional medicine for centuries. Not only can the leaves, roots, and flowers add a pop of color to your plate, but they’re also often found in herbal teas and supplements, where they’re used as a natural remedy to support blood sugar management and boost skin, liver, and heart health.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is an herb from the mint family and has been used for digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), vomiting, and colic; for pain, including menstrual cramps, headache, and toothache, and for some mental disorders.


Chlorella is an alga that has a number of health-promoting properties.

The idea that it can “detox” heavy metals is based on preliminary animal studies and has not yet been fully explored in humans.

Other health benefits such as modulating the immune system, improving blood sugar control, and better blood pressure control have been achieved using higher dosages of chlorella (i.e., several grams).

However, Skinnytabs contains only 400 mg of herbs in total, of which chlorella is a fraction of this. So it’s not yet known what effect this small amount would have on human health.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is often ingested or applied topically to the skin for a variety of conditions (arthritis, bowel diseases, burns, psoriasis, cold sores). 
Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that’s been used to treat various health conditions for thousands of years. It’s usually safe to use also vera directly from the plant or you can buy it in gel form.

Ginseng root

Ginseng is known to have a number of health-promoting effects, including improved blood sugar control, mood, and brain function.

It is not clear which type of ginseng is used in Skinnytabs, but the effects can vary from one species of ginseng to another.


Elderberry is high in free radical-scavenging antioxidants and is known to have protective effects on the heart and possibly reduce the severity and length of cold and flu symptoms.


Beetroot is a nutrient-dense vegetable (the whole food and/or its juice) that may lower blood pressure, improve exercise capacity, protect against cancer, and fight inflammation.

How to take Skinnytabs


Unlike “detox” teas that must be steeped in hot water, with Skinnytabs, you only have to drop the tablet in water and let it dissolve for (according to company literature) up to eight minutes.

Because Skinnytabs contains diuretics and laxatives, you should start your dosages small and work up to a full dose.

The company recommends a half to one tablet until your body gets used to it.

Finally, because it’s a diuretic and laxative drink, you should drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.
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